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Glenfiddich Yarn

Kathleen England and Robby England are the workers behind the beautiful yarns and colors of Glenfiddich Wool. The wool comes "fresh from the farm" and they use very earth-friendly techniques for all their beautiful products. It is milled at the family owned Gurdy Run Fiber Mill.

About the sheep and their wool -  Border Leicester wool is long and lustrous with a spinning count from 40s to 50s (38-30 microns). The ideal fleece falls in well defined “pencil” locks with purled tips ending in a small curl, usually measures 6-10 inches after a year’s growth (it's a spinners dream).;;It is spun into a yarn that is very light and lofty while being warm. It's just right for cowls, hats, mittens and sweaters.


  • 100% Border Leicester Wool

  • Weight: 100 g 

  • Knitting Needle Size: US 7-9

  • $


Colors we have in stock.

Call or email if you would like to order. We Ship!

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